Front Garden Makeover Marchwood

Front Garden re-vitalise

This week amongst other things the Landscaping crew took on a small project to overhaul a front garden. This included taking out a couple of shrubs, re-laying a small pathway. The moss is covering a layer of shingle, which was removed and then weed membrane and shingle laid to give the front garden a much sharper look….

Posted by Crown Gardens and Landscapes Ltd on Friday, 5 February 2016

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  45. Thanks, Marisa. I’m glad you found the lesson material useful. It’s one of the only “complete” lessons (lesson plan, planning, video, reflection) I’m aware of online, which is why I included it. I’d be interested to know what your trainees think of it

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  61. What is hardest for me…on most ending in “y”…is your words exactly—”we must be willing to walk contrary to our human nature.” Right. willing. Without pushing, pulling or proding from any force outside ourselves. That’s tough cookies for me. Try as I might…even dunkin’ ‘em in chocolate milk doesn’t help Love you and thank you for this WORD for my heart!

  62. Your family is GORGEOUS! You are practically glowing – you’re one of the most beautiful pregnant women I’ve ever seen…I don’t comment often, but I love your blog posts and feel like I know you.Izzy is so beautiful – she’s growing up to be quite the charmer! Her personality comes through in the photos, and I enjoy reading about her. Sending prayers for a easy rest-of-the-pregnancy and a smooth and easy delivery of your newest bundle of joy, Zoe (love that name!).Blessings!

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  64. October 2, 2012 at 7:38 amI understand that 500 people have a chance to get jobs…… Truth be told, when I read this I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry….. I think that this borders on insanity. More than 50% unemployment, really… is this the best that the government can come up with…. I think I’m going to cry……

  65. what a powerful tenitmosy!! no one is out of HIS reach!!! I still find myself saying that if God can take a broken vessel like me and make it useful, beautiful even, He can do it for ANYONE….amazing grace…..and I thank Him that He doesn’t leave us how He finds us, but He picks us up out of the muck and myre, cleans us up, restores us, and we become useful tools in His hands…..thank you for sharing this story!!!

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