Meet the Team!

Introducing to you day-by-day our teams. Today we are starting with Dan Prince – Chief Gardenite.Dan has over 22 years experience of gardening and is the driving force behind Crown Gardens. He’ll be seen on quotes and between him and the customer, is the inspiration behind most of the work that we do.
Dan’s favourite season is Spring.
His favourite flowers are Geraniums.
His favourite part of his job is tidying up for the final result, ensuring maximum impact from the customers eyes.
Dan works with Charlie as our Special Projects team. They are out there re-shaping and rejuvenating your gardens, most of what they do is half day to 3 day projects, where technical plant knowledge is required and some soft landscaping included. It could be the yearly trimming of shrubs or hedges, or a clear-out of an overgrown border, maybe a corner that you don’t know what to do with. Full of inspiration and passion for not just instant impact, but what future seasons will bring to your garden.
We hope you enjoy meeting our teams.

Posted by Crown Gardens and Landscapes Ltd on Tuesday, 13 October 2015

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