Picket fence – New Forest

This week our Landscapers have mostly been painting fence panels and gates, then installing them for adjoining gardens, giving one front garden a total transformation. We created this by up-cycling and re-cycling some of the customers own slabs and bricks.

Posted by Crown Gardens and Landscapes Ltd on Friday, 25 September 2015

Painting fences – New Forest

Preparation for our next fencing project. This customer is going for the quaint white painted fence and gates look. Someone’s got to paint them all and Tiege is taking his responsibilities very seriously! Looking forward to seeing these in our customers garden.

Posted by Crown Gardens and Landscapes Ltd on Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Camellia's are out already!

Some are….some aren’t……are yours?

Welcome to Crown Gardens and Landscapes website and our first blog of the year!

Our teams of “Gardenites” are springing into action in a garden near you!!
We are very excited to see the first signs of Spring creeping out in your gardens, there’s a smell in the air that Winter is over and Summer is only just around the corner. But first, there’s Spring and one of our favourite seasons of the year.

March is the month of some of our favourites; Daffodils, Camelias, Crocus’, Blossoms, Magnolias. Just to see new buds and colour appearing on shrubs and trees is a sure sign that the dull, dreary and short days of Winter are soon to be over. Here come the brighter, cheerier and longer days of Spring and Summer!!!

So what are our “Gardenites” doing in your gardens right now?

Lawn care:

In most gardens it’s time for the first mow of the season, we’re not cutting short, but we are evening it up and encouraging growth, ready for Spring and our intensive mowing season! This is an ideal time to give your lawn a quick boost to get it growing evenly ready for Spring. We are aerating and sprinkling over a complete feed and seed formula. The grass used to be greener on the other side, that can be your garden this year. Ask us for more details.

The signs of Spring!

The signs of Spring!

Spring Clean!

We are pruning and clearing away winter debris. By cutting back perennials, including Hydrangea’s and Rose’s your garden is given an instant lift. By completing these jobs now, these plants will be happy for the rest of the Summer! Giving our “Gardenites” time to concentrate on other seasonal priorities. Sweeping up the corners of the garden where leaves and seed heads have collected over the winter will immediately make your garden seem bigger! This is all in a day’s work for our “Gardenites” as part of our year round Maintenance package.

What’s in the next blog…

Planting and Pruning.  What to plant, when and where!  Our Gardenites will be voting for their number one plant of April as seen in your gardens.